1. Simple and understated

Unlike our previous collections, this A/W the dresses are much more simple, with the real detail being explored through the cut, shape and most importantly the smooth and shiny satin material. These simple satin dresses radiate a quiet, sophisticated and timeless elegance, making them perfect for almost any occasion. The luxurious satin dresses lack the beading, ruffles and bling of past seasons making them our most fashion forward collection yet.

2. Yet you do standout

Despite the simplicity of the collection, you will ALWAYS stand out. The impressive shape and fit of each dress ensures that no head will be left unturned, wherever you may be.

3. Wearable and Timeless

Unusually, these dresses are suitable for most age groups, occasions and backdrops making them our most wearable dresses. Think of a satin dress like a black Chanel bag, the perfect timeless investment which will never go out of style. Our satin dresses can be worn over and over again which is why you NEED one (or 2 or 3…)

4. You just do.

We don’t have any real explanation for this reason, other than the fact you just really need one, like really really need one.

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